When Ivanka & Namo shared our videos of GES Summit!!

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GES summit 2017 was a grand affair. Every big business typhoon you can imagine, was present at the event. Not just that, the event was bestowed with the presence of P.M Narendra Modi and businesswoman Ivanka Trump. Being the video partners of the event we can tell you that that was an event that cannot be forgotten. No LITERALLY! We made sure of that.

A Promotional film, event videography & photography and a Glimpses video for the pre, during and post event respectively. But that’s nowhere close to all. We made 77 videos in total. It also included one that was made due to a last minute request from client and was a blast on the screen! 

Attitude is key

To do all this, we took out our power guns who could freeze time in a frame, anytime and all the time aka our crew! 70 cameramen and 40 photographers, captured footage that went into our videos, which were viewed across 150 countries. But it’s not Amplify if it’s not amplified enough. Our videos were shared on the social media handles of Narendra Modi and Ivanka Trump! That’s just the kind of effect we, as event video creators have on everyone!

What could go wrong with every step of your event?

And boy was it exciting working alongside the experienced professionals of the GES team and the Indian Government!

Here’s a heartfelt question from one soul to another – when will you make an event video to remember?

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