Top events of 2019 that we’ve covered

Being one of the leading event video marketing companies in India, we understand what distinguishes a great event from a good event. Honestly, we are in awe of them all but there are some events that just stand out more than the rest! So below, we’ve listed the events that we’ve seen closely enough, to be able to tell why they were the best: 

HDW – A host to the World Design Organisation, it marked the 1st time an Indian city hosted such an event. We saw some of the most innovative, and well thought of demonstrations of the ideas from the mind of a designer, here. From world-class designers to the IDF awards, that celebrate design in all its forms, the event aims to enable free-flow of creativity, bringing forward the best of the region’s talent and increasing development, awareness, & appreciation of design in all aspects of design.

TEDxHyderabad – This is by far the most vocal platform to give out ideas about Technology, Entertainment, and Design. And year after year, they’ve wowed the audience without fail. This year, their theme was – Limitless. Meaning the limitless ability in all of us to achieve more and become better! 

10K Run Hyderabad – The zeal of the people, both young or old, drives the event. The fact that it can attract the crowd, gives the event the edge! The event aimed to bring together people from all levels of society and promote health & fitness of all.

SOTA – Sophistication best defines the musical performances that took place this evening. Being a 1st-of-it’s-kind in Hyderabad, the show attracted an audience who had a taste for the finer things in life. Pure western classical – if that’s your type, then this event is your go-to! 

BioAsia – Imagine the biggest event for healthcare, bio-sciences, pharma; imagine BioAsia! A place where pharma giants as well as start-ups, put to the rest of the world what they stand for. And we’ve been with them for 2 years now; both times full of awe for the advances in healthcare & pharma!

As an audiovisual production company, we tend to notice every nook and detail through our lenses. From what we’ve seen, we can tell that all these events have done what it takes to leave behind a blazing trail in the minds of the spectators! Can’t wait to be a part of more events that are to come this year!!

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