The Best Way to Leverage Post-Event Publicity.

Every participant is attracted to an event because of the energy surrounding it. The palpable excitement among the attendees, the cutting tension among the crew, the captivating speeches and the stunning performances will leave an impression on the participants. 

Once the event concludes, you will definitely want to capitalize on all the positive emotions around the event. Your greatest success will be to stay in people’s memories after the event ends. 

With an event glimpses video, you can extend this experience by making them relive it all. This event glimpses video will bolster the feelings of excitement and inspiration among the audience. They will be reminded of their experience at the event.

Wondering how you can leverage an event glimpses video for the post-event publicity? Here’s how –

  • Share the glimpses video with a thank you note to the attendees and other stakeholders of the event to create a much positive impact. They will be more likely to share their great experience at the event with others on social media, which in turn, may lead to a higher turnout at the next edition of the event.
  • More often than not, your audience cannot be at all places of the event at all times. A glimpses video can give them an idea of the parts they may have missed being present physically, and in parallel events.
  • Upload the glimpses video on your website and showcase it to all the event sponsors and partners. They might share the link further resulting in an increase in viewership and brand awareness.
  • Send out a press release through a PR firm with the video link, as it would grab further eyeballs amongst the right TG. This will also give the non-attendees an idea of the event.
  • The glimpses video will also act as a recap of the event and will show people who missed out on attending it, what they were missing. This will encourage them to attend the next edition of the event and ensure a certain level of excitement to attend the event.

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