The TEDxHyderabad Story


- Crew Deployed
- Total Videos made
- Hours of Footage recorded
Hyderabad’s very own chapter of the original TED Talks.
8-hours of non-stop goose-bumps captured on roll.
4-years of constant collaboration with the event organizers.

The TEDxHyderabad Story

We have had the longest association with Hyderabad’s very own independent chapter of a TED event. Our association with this project has definitely turned up a notch higher the standards of how events are captured in Hyderabad.

Our walk with TEDxHyderabad began under the sign of Raasta Studios during their first chapter in Hyderabad in 2015. It has been a rather invigorating journey so far with both of us growing bigger and better each passing year. For the last two years, we, as Amplify, have been acting as their exclusive video production partner, and our association has definitely been worthwhile and fulfilling.


Before Event

TEDxHyderabad is possibly that one client for whom we created the maximum number of pre-event video content. This automatically means that covering the event was the least of the many tasks we conquered. Since our videos were instrumental in not only attracting speakers but also the footfall, it was crucial that the entire team had a clear vision about the purpose and ethos of the event.

– Prem, Co-founder
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During Event

The best and the most challenging part of the TEDxHyderabad event was the stringent brand guidelines put in place by the TED organizers. From the placement of cameras down to the angle of the camera, everything is pre determined. While these restrictions in some ways make the work challenging, especially in terms of the Glimpses videos, they also make our work easier in terms of the fact that we have clarity on exactly what the client needs and how.

– Sai, Founder

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After Event

TEDxHyderabad has been a huge learning experience for all of us. We have tried to learn from them how to organize events perfectly ensuring optimum quality and sticking to time every single time. We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the meticulous planning that went into the event besides getting an opportunity to get inspired by the actual talks at the event over the years.

– Naren, COO

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