The Sensation Story


- Crew Deployed
- Total Videos made
- Hours of Footage recorded
World’s greatest indoor EDM Event from Amsterdam.
Partnering with the event organizers for two years now.
One single video created out of 8-12-day shoot.

The Sensation Story

When one of the world’s greatest indoor EDM events traveled all the way from Amsterdam to Hyderabad, we were their natural choice for a filmmaker. Covering and catering to this international concert for two years now, in 2016 and 2018 respectively, we have sealed our spot at the top of the list of event film production houses in Hyderabad.
For the time-lapse video, we shot for 12 days in a row in 2016 and for 8 days in 2018 to capture every moment from the stage set up to the final event. This was followed by days of post production to deliver the final output.


During Event

One of the biggest challenge in covering a concert of this scale, as with most leisure events, is that unlike conferences, the audience may or may not be at their presentable best. Therefore, while shooting we have to take utmost care that we do not make them conscious or uncomfortable. Our guys ensure that their work does not intrude in the fun the audience is having, in order to get the most candid audience reactions.
– Behalya, Producer

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After Event

Our technical treatment of the concert was completely different from conferences. While the latter involves extensive use of tripod and largely static shots, concerts demand the use of gimbals, monopods, drones and even cranes. Here we cannot anticipate the movements in any way and have to be always ready for any spontaneous, vivid movement. Also since leisure events happen during night, the choice of camera becomes crucial which can shoot in low light yet in high speed.
– Mohit, Cinematographer

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