How event videography services can boost your product launch?

There’s a lot of thought, time, effort, creativity, and emotion that go into making a new product, which makes it necessary to position it in a way that gives back the maximum ROI. Thus, the right positioning of your product right from the launch becomes all the more important. We can’t stress enough about the importance of event videography at such an event. To start with, event videography, in general, is a GREAT tool to:

  • Document your event: we mean, nothing makes a better report than capturing the moment as it happens. 
  • Market your event: we think you already know that most of the marketers around the world prefer marketing in terms of videos. They’ve shown the best results and continue to do so. 
  • Grab eyeballs on social media:  stats have repeatedly shown that on social media, videos have been grabbing the maximum eyeballs. 


If you’re about to launch your product in the market then here’s your way to get the traction that you need: stop whatever you’re doing and look for the top event video production companies; ( Psst: Chances are, you might stumble upon us but that’s a whole other story. ) because then you can:

  • Enjoy a 2-in-1 benefit for the product: you’re documenting the whole event through videography; what you’re also documenting is the features of the product as it is being revealed to the audience at the launch. Therefore, apart from documenting the event, you also acquire footage about the product that you can use to make a product video.
  • Go live: this makes your product instantly recognizable as around 80% of your audience is likely to watch the live video. 
  • Gain engagement: which means, attracting more audience towards your product. Here are some stats to support how much more inclined people are towards videos: 62% of people got more interested in a product after watching it in a Facebook story and about ⅓ of the internet prefers watching YouTube! We hope this gives you an idea about how well a video would be received among people.

We believe like everyone you too are inclined towards making the best decisions for your product and if you’re looking for event videographers for your product launch, we hope you know where to contact. We’d love to hear from you!

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