How event videography gives your event an extra push

TEDxHyderabad, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Sensation, IndiaJoy, F1H2O, EO Hyderabad - you name it, we’ve captured it!
Video services for Events

Every event begins with a vision and a purpose. In the end, it is a culmination of blood, sweat and tears. But the sheer amount of work that goes into making an event a success is almost always lost in the process. We think it deserves to be looked at, and spoken about. We help you accomplish this by providing solutions for event videography and capturing it all through a host of videos that will showcase your vision and purpose, in addition to raising awareness and garnering curiosity around your event. 

In event videography, an Overview Video is guaranteed to showcase your event’s vision and purpose. It introduces your viewers to the speakers, special attractions and the programmes – it gives them something to look forward to. The Overview Video acts as an attention-grabber and raises awareness about the event among the viewers.  

A Speaker Profile Film is usually released before the event and introduces all the notable speakers to your viewers by profiling them, which will help your event gain credibility and generate curiosity around the event. This event videography solution will give your audience an idea about what to expect and also help them build a personal connect with the speakers.

An Anthem Video offers the viewers a glimpse into the coordination between the various teams that occurs behind the scenes at every event. It captures the hard work that goes into making any event a reality and showcases it all through one very impactful event videography solution.

Promotional videos have traditionally been used in movies. But obviously, things are changing and promotional videos have now become the norm for every event. In all the event videography solutions, a promo is the perfect way to give your audience a sense of what to expect.

The most powerful tool in event videography is the Timeline Video. Every event leaves behind a legacy or is started with a purpose that is just waiting to be captured on screen. It offers viewers a fleeting yet impactful view of the event that elevates and highlights the sprit of the event.