How can event video production add value to your healthcare and pharma Conferences

The life sciences industry is one of the best performing industries in India right now; ranking India among the top 3 pharma production companies, globally! With that said, we’re sure you want to make the most of this by ensuring that your healthcare and pharma related events are worth the investments that will be pouring in because of the global reputation that India has developed. 

Of course marketing the event becomes a priority in this situation to attract as many eyeballs as possible and convert them to footfall. However, if you want to do it right, then why not do it the best way? Or to put it more directly, use video marketing to your benefit. Why? Because every event video marketer who has tried this approach earlier believes that it is the best way to engage the audience and market an event. 

Here’s more about how you can leverage event videography for your benefit:

Teaser – This is a promotional video that goes out before your event takes place. It is also the most popular style of promotion. Entice your audiences and give them an idea about all the value-adding experience they would gain from your event.

360 film – A great way to give your digital audience an idea about what’s going on in your event and keep them hooked. While it could be a Live or a Glimpses video, being 360 videos they keep the audience engaged and asking – what’s gonna happen next. 

Timeline film – Here’s a great way to talk about what your event has achieved so far. As the name suggests, you can talk about the past of your event in detail and add more clarity on what impact did your event make each year.

Glimpses film – This makes a great after event film. Once your event is done making an impression among your audience, you can further amplify it by showing bits and pieces of all that went into making the event memorable. 

These are just some of the suggestions that we have for you. Being corporate event videographers ourselves, we can tell that these video formats do work! However, there is always more that we can do as innovation is just a step away for those that seek newer possibilities.

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