Here’s why the biggest of events chose to work with us

TEDxHyderabad, Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Sensation, IndiaJoy, F1H2O, EO Hyderabad - you name it, we’ve captured it! We are Amplify, a bunch of street-smart youngsters who are set out on just one mission - to amplify your event, conference, exhibition, meeting etc. and make it seem bigger than ever. In case you wondered how we manage to do it, here’s how -
Before Event [B.E] Services -

Promotional/ Teaser films

The most effective recipe for creating the most exciting films to draw people into your event! Our editors and motion graphic experts know just the right amount of wow factor to put into your Promotional or Teaser films, taking them from an ordinary promo video to a special one!

Overview film

We’re sure you’d want to know what and why, to expect at an event. Well then, these are the videos which do the work for you. These films work very well in evoking the right kind of interest amongst the audience towards your event.

Speaker profile film

Speaker profile films are great for building curiosity and introducing to the audience about a speaker. And what better way to do this than a video that gives a quick glimpse of your speaker’s profile? So, the next time you want to introduce a speaker at your event, you know where to go!

Anthem video

Every event deserves an Anthem video. This video represents the theme of your event using the most catchy and musical tune. So that, your audience remembers it again and again. Our team of dedicated filmmakers know the best way to bring out the theme of your event through the Anthem video.

Timeline films

Sure every time an event is held its theme changes but can its overall purpose change too? Never. And our team works endlessly to reach to the very beginning of your event to etch out how your event has come to be over time. So be sure to get the most accurate picture of your event’s journey through the timeline film from us.
During Event ( D.E) seveices -

Video production

Every event requires documentation. But what’s the purpose of the documentation if it isn’t presented with the same grandeur that your event is held. This is where our team of filmmakers come to play. We capture every step of your event and put it forward in such a way that the audience can’t help but love through flawless video production.

Studio room setup

Your speaker or delegate’s interview is an added asset to your event. A set up with sound proof walls, perfect lighting, clear and undisturbed sound and of course, your speaker comfortably speaking to the camera – the few things you require for this simple but effective video production service.

Event photography

It is not just to capture what’s happening but capturing it at the perfect timing and place. Videos surely capture the best of your event, but who doesn’t love to always go back and take a look at the those frozen moments captured through our lens? Be rest assured to have the best bunch of photographers on the job.

Facebook and YouTube live

Timeliness is everything in social media. And capturing and broadcasting it at the same time requires superior equipments. We at Amplify specialise in both. Our team of cinematographers are very diligent in capturing the right shots at the right moment, so that your audience can view sitting anywhere, anytime.

360 Degree live streaming in Facebook & Youtube

A new sensation in social media pages; it keeps people pouring in to watch what is going on in an event. What adds to these kind of videos is that it gives people a virtual reality feel. At Amplify you will find the best quality of 360 degree production something your audience would enjoy watching.
After Event (A.E) seveices -

Glimpses video

It captures the people and nitty-gritties that work behind the glamour of the event to make it the success that it is. But this video has another benefit too. In the long run it also helps during the future events. And as the fact goes, our team of filmmakers and photographers work tirelessly, throughout the event to capture the best of it.

Speaker talks and interviews

When it comes to capturing the speakers in your event as they are addressing the audience, we clearly understand that the messages they give are valuable and should not be lost. And we do not compromise when it comes to getting the best output of it. So rest assured, you get the best recording of your speaker giving out a message.

360 degree Glimpses video

Giving a 360 degree glimpse of your event to your audience is a great way give your viewers a holistic view of your event and what goes on in it.
Here’s yet another fact about us – we are the FIRST & exclusive video production company in India for the MICE industry – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions.