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Don't Miss Out!

Think you have it in you to redefine event films? You have your best shot staring at you at the moment. The one-stop cure for all you kindred souls high on adrenaline among other things. We would love to have your extra bit of energy and overflowing talent. Join the gang!

Zooming Growth

If our ever-booming clientele doesn’t impress you, we don’t know what will.

Great Buddies

As event film makers we are not sure where our work stops and party begins.

We're the Boss

On ground and at the studio we have the last say. Be it a shot design or a cut.

Non-stop Learning

The best film schools how before the hands on learning opportunity we get.

Hi-tech Gadgets

Let’s just say gimbals and GoPro are our equivalent to bats and balls

Crollsover at Will

Do it all and find what’s best of you, as did just like each one of us when we started.

Shoes You Would love to fit in

We are currently on the lookout for talent to fit into the following shoes. If you think we can make a great team. what are you waiting for?

Business Development Manager

Fulltime / 3+ Years Experience

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Business Development Manager

Fulltime / 3+ years Experience

    Business Development Manager

    Fulltime / 3+ years Experience