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That’s what it takes to make your event successful. To develop a strong strategy. To create viral videos highlighting your event. To build a robust playlist for your event that impresses millions of viewers. To introduce your event in a way people can’t resist and to change the way the world remembers your event.

It's incredible what 75 street-smart youngsters can do when they set their hearts upon your event. We don’t just capture your moments, we narrate them through our films. We don’t work for our clients, we work with them towards a common goal. You organize your event. We will ensure its success. That’s a guarantee.

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What they say

Our experience has been excellent with Amplify. They are very professional and we have always been very happy with the quality of the work and the growth that we see together. They are always open to receiving feedback, discussions and innovating new things.
Ekta Viiveck Verma, Content Lead, TEDxHyderabad

Any project that has been assigned to Amplify, has always been outstanding! The team is very passionate in terms of understanding and delivering the work. Amplify team did a phenomenal job in capturing the spirit of Hyderabad through the video.
Sharath Prasad Damera, Marketing Consultant, Hyderabad 10K Run
We’ve been working with Amplify for the past 4 years and that in itself is a testimony to the kind of work Amplify does. Being creative, the quality of the content and delivering within the desired timelines has been the USP of Amplify.
Paridhi Gupta, Head – Business Development (Lifesciences), RICH
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We have a track record of making every event, from heavy-duty conferences to light-hearted concerts, successful. Tell you what, we’ll let you in on our secret, just this once.

It is what we do for a living as well as for passion

That, plus the fact every shot we capture of your event is more than mere footage for us, it is a part of a larger filmic narrative.

Added to that, our strategy of creating a timeline for your event, producing timely filmic interventions before, during and after event, ensures maximum amplification of your efforts.

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