5 ways to get the best out of your event marketing strategy?

5 ways to get the best out of your event marketing strategy

Your event may not be a #BoycottMillenials or a Trump tweet when it comes to grabbing eyeballs. In fact, it can be something much more memorable than a trend that stays at the tip of everyone’s fingertips for a short period of time before vanishing. If you play the cards right, who knows, it might become a memory that stays etched in the minds of your audiences for a long time.

Being in the event marketing space for years now, let’s get straight into how you can make that happen for your event:

Arrange multiple activities to keep them engaged: Activities do the act of converting audiences into participants. And, the more, the merrier. Think of this as an exhibition. An exhibition has multiple stalls. Therefore, people never get tired while they’re inside the exhibition because they have so many options. 

For example, you can have a stand-up stage, a photo booth, a gaming section, and a drinks bar within the same area in your event. Bonus tip, you can do this during the networking session of your event (if you have one). The more activities people are engaged in the more chances they’ll have to interact with each other.

Make use of AR & VR technologies: It can be a separate section in your event or it can be a part of the communication between you and your audience, like using AR in the invitation that you send out for your event or using immersive VR videos to communicate your event’s theme at experience zone stalls.

Invest more on speakers: Some speakers may have a lot of fame but may not be so good in speeches, some may not have a lot of fame but may have a compelling story to tell, some may be performers by nature, and so on. You need to strike the right balance between all these types of speakers so that the audience enjoys listening to what the speaker has to deliver. 

Include multiple formats into one event: Imagine attending an event where you only have to listen to the speakers or where you only come across the same things being discussed over and over again. It’s the same for your audience. Keep changing the format of the communication like a Q&A round followed by an experience zone or a panel discussion followed by a speaker talk. Say suppose, there is a speakers’ session at your event from 10 a.m. – 11 a.m., the next session should be anything but another speaker’s session. 

Another way to do this would be, running all these events simultaneously at the same time. So that people can move from a speech to a discussion or an experience zone, in case they are saturated with one.

Share video snippets or videos in general: Because this is the age of social media, video marketing is a great way to increase the awareness and recall value of your event. An average Tweet stays for 18 minutes, an average Insta content stays for 48 hours, and a Fb post stays for 2 hrs 30 mins. A video, however, stays longer than any of these. And it has the ability to be played and replayed any number of times and get etched into the minds of your audience. Moreover, it stays in the social media timeline and can be reviewed multiple times.

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