Because when you capture your efforts, you can showcase them with pride, which ultimately amplifies you. Be it events or conferences, at Amplify we believe what gets captured gets noticed and what gets noticed gets its due credit.



We couldn’t be more happier with the final product , they have given us an exceptional piece of visual. Thanks alot Amplify . Kudos to the team !

Amplify has never let us down. They are so much Client-focused. They take care of every minute requirement we ask them. Their speed and hard work have let us trust them quickly and devote time to the project’s goals, rather than worrying about costs.

Other than being professional and very responsive these guys are super friendly. It’s not like client vendor relation; it’s like co-working on a project. They’ll keep us on the same page right from script to final cut. We are really happy for having a long term relation with Amplify.

Amplify is one of our partners in growth, documenting every move taking towards making history.Their professional approach in managing delivery ensured that our expectations were exceeded through the engagement.

Amplify understood our event requirements and planned for deliverable’s well ahead of time and the team was co-coordinating very well with us during the event to make the videos possible.We congratulate and appreciate the effort by the team amplify in capturing the event in a wonderful way.

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